about me

Lancaster, UK

Bio: i am the culmination of all my ancesters - of their blood and bone, their strengths and weaknesses, their dna and their diseases. i am a magpie, looking for the next bright, shiny thing to steal and to hide in my nest. i come from a land of rebels and revolutionaries and those who steadfastly followed the old religions. from witches and cunning women. i come from a place where forts were built into the rock, overlooking a shallow sea, where my ancesters of place fished from the ocean and harvested cockles from the shoreline. i come from a land of tribes dedicated to an old, old goddess, led by warrior women. sometimes i go to the woods, where magic is on the surface, where metaphor still lives and shines full face, where the moon sings my name, an oak holds me close and a half-fallen sweet chestnut teaches me all i need to know about resilience. i live as if my very life is a mission. i have had many lives, many labels and, as i continue to burn through them, i leave a long line of ash and ink. i desire to live as authentically as i can. i desire to know and then express fully my desires. i desire to let my passion be my service and to make a living from it. i love my breath, my life, my partner and the sacredness of all beings more than anything.

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