…these hands…

these hands have been cut and slashed. have held knives and swords and swung a battle axe. thes ehands have seen bood. these hands have pulled babies’ bodies from women’s cunts, cradling their shell-like heads, bones still vulnerably soft. these hands have kneaded dough, stirred the cauldron, scrubbed the pot – with horsehair, with plastic bristles, with sponges. these hands have rubbed themselves together to keep warm and held them selves over the fire to chase away the chill. these hands have wiped away tears, held small babies to their body, settled and calmed and soothed. these hands have stroked heads and foreheads. these hands have entered the warm, inviting, wet places. have teased the hardened skin. in all kinds of places. these hands have felt skin soft as down, and stoked the fire underneath it. these hands have rolled in the bed, and on the sofa, and brought gass of hard, soaking, riotess pleasure. these hands have felt the bark of many a tree. have pulled aside the plants to snap and break off medicine. these hands have dug deep into the earth, through mud and humus and the bones of old leaves. these hands have closed the eyes of the newly dead. have gently and with honour, washed their bodies and laid them too, to the earth. these hands have twirled and danced to the music. have clapped together to show their approval. these hands are smooth. these hands are rough. these hands are mine, these hands are yours. these hands have pulled and shaped the red clay into figures, into pots. these hands have held paintbrushes, pulled themselves along in the paint itself. these hands channel everything you were and everything i could be. these hands are mine and yet, somehow not… these hands hold the mysteries of all of time. these hands leap up for joy or cover my mouth in censorship, or sadness, or contemplation. these hands, that were yours. these hands…

2 thoughts on “…these hands…

  1. lornasmithers Sep 23, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    I recall hearing this read out loud at a grove 🙂 Great poem and I love the accompanying images.

    • ninamgeorge Sep 23, 2017 / 2:06 pm

      Thank you – yes it was… I found the pics recently from last year, and thought, yes!

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