napowrimo day 28


day 28… how’d it go so fast… a poem about a bridge.. here it is…

I thought it would be a big one
All girders and iron and never-ending.
A bridge that joined countries
Or that swam in mists.
Unfolded, unfurled, fashioned from trees roots.
I expected a mountain climb,
Walls of rock,
A rope bridge clinging months last thread.
Danger, with missing planks
Or ones that rotted away under a foottrod.
A huge beast of a bridge,
Where you start painting
One end, only to finish and
Have to start over again.
I thought it would never end.
But when I found it,
My gut stood still.
It was a wooden footbridge
Over a tiny brook,
The width of one person,
A small inverted triangle of a bridge.
I dropped my pen and paper into
The waters,
Not stopping to see them disappear,
And then it was crossed
And there was no going back.


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