napowrimo day 24

I find I am enjoying (careful now!) The way to try to craft poems more, normally I just let it splurge out a lot… so today’s task – to take a famous poem and write a satire or parody of it…

I chose “she walks in beauty” by Lord Byron link here –

I am in a small way quite proud that (after the first stanza) that I’ve managed the same scanning and mostly the same rhymes, the same end of line words in most cases too…

She walks in beauty

She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of darkened spouse brows, blackened eyes;
Hold it all in with pull up tights,
No matter how hard that she tries:
In high heels totters in her plight,
Whilst botox mouth movement denies.

Lettuce for tea, for dinner less,
A half starved look gives her such grace.
Hair extensions on every stress
Weigh heavy, strain around her face;
Where thoughts cannot bear to express
Just how much pain to reach this place.

Injections stop sweat from her brow,
Silent, stifled, so elegant,
The smiles that win, the false tan glow,
Tell of the money that’s been spent
To get her tightened down below.
All artifice this innocence.


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