napowrimo day 20

Today, a poem that states what I know… facts or beliefs… not coming easily anymore at all…  still, two thirds of the way through…

This is what I know to be true

The hills are not empty, they sing a strange
Tempting song of loss and loneliness. That
The wind sits still on the edge of the cliff
Where the crows play stretched on the wind. If you
Live with this your whole life, you can call the
Birds and they will answer you. Waves dance on
The stones, pull their sea-blanket over like
Raked earth. The moon grows a belly, loses
It every month. The earth will always feel
Flat to me. The sun has set millions
Of times but I find it beautiful each
Time. There will be time and time again for
Grieving the tiny endings every day
That feel like nothing, but add up to a
Lifetime of loss. That every time I think
I get it, I don’t.


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