napowrimo day 17

i know i’m out of sync now, still blaming wednesday’s wine! today’s poem challenge was to write a social media poem… maybe i’m old fashioned but i couldn’t stand the thought of a hashtag anywhere near this… maybe just the mood i am in today?… so i went through blogs i like and found words or lines that intrigued me, then wrote the number of each line on a piece of paper and jumbled the papers up and then set the lines in the order of the numbers i’d drawn… a lovely found scrumbled up poem came from it… i am very happy with my adapted process of today’s challenge, despite hating the idea at first… you may recognise some of your words here…


Threads Through the Forest
Handwritten draft
People go gather and save the bees
Entirely on the inbreath.
Looking out to sea.
The land’s great grieving,
Streets nobody cares for.
Waking up at midlife.
Flapping herons wake
On the trail of the murdered and missing.
Invitation to integrity.
World’s more full of weeping.
Struggle with my inner rage.
Ill-mannered children at a banquet.
My truth isn’t yours,
Discovering secrets of the gods,
Alleyway wisdom.
The land is littered with false starts and desperation,
We hunted the mammoth.
Inward map outward symbols,
We’re remembering the seasons.


2 thoughts on “napowrimo day 17

  1. lornasmithers April 18, 2015 / 10:59 am

    I like the idea of a ‘place-conjuror’ – invokes lots and lots of thoughts 🙂

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