napowrimo day 11

today sapphic verse – which was written by sappho in her time, in the 7th century b.c. she was a great poet and lyrist in her time, much of her work expressed love for women, and she remains a source of inspiration for lesbians, poets and others since… even though much of here work only remains in fragments. recently, new poems were found by her – see

the latest “in our time” on radio 4 also featured her –

she used a metre now called sapphic metre, which consists of quatrains (4 lines for us numpties!). the first 3 lines have 11 syllables with 2 trochees (1 stressed then one unstressed syllable), a dactyl (1 stressed then 2 unstressed syllables) and another trochee. the last line has a dactyl then a trochee.

this was bloody difficult, so i only managed one verse, and the last stresses are wrong as i collapsed into the final trochee. however, it is about my love (who is a woman), and longing and sensual, so that’ll have to do! it has no title as yet…

sitting, waiting, ships sail by, time slips, uptrips,

she, a note sung high from my tongue, and in it

fall i, lost and floundering, outstrung, outsung,

hanging on, my love



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