napowrimo day 10

a third of the way through… phew…

today’s challenge was to to an abecedarian poem – 26 words each beginning with a letter of the alphabet or a poem of 26 lines each line beginning with a succesive letter of the alphabet…

(not surprisingly) this poem is kind of about a crow… a bird for which i have a particular affinity and who seems to be making an appearance in many poems this month…


a crow once watched me from up high

because she was wary, i saw,

crawled into the blue of the sky

daring a backward glance and caw.

entangled in my head, not heart,

forever for that moment when

gaze caught my own, i gave a start,

hers was the piercing look and then

intriguing simultaneously.

joking feathers hide rainbowed light,

kinked for that poised and stately

longing for freedom in fierce flight.

magnificent. i hatched a plan,

naughty hints laid at my door

omniprescent throughout its span.

purposely i turned in rapture,

quintessential mistress of mine

rotound yet light upon the breeze.

slinked their passage out of our time,

troublesome reputations, these,

universal tricksters they play

vervain fanatics thermals twirled.

wondrous beings please stay this way,

xenagogues to the other world,

youthful, and yet, they eat our dead

zaftig favourites, let it be said.


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