napowrimo day 8

today’s prompt was a palinode where you retract a statement made in an earlier poem… I had very little time and even less inspiration… which is a preamble to the amble that is my poem… I read up loads about odes but didn’t do this at all, so don’t worry it’s very short and takes ogden nash’s song of the open road…

I think that I shall never see
A billboard lovely as a…
Oh…. hang on a minute

I know! I did say!

In penance I also offer up what I consider to be the world’s shortest protest song… written in response to the proposed sell-off of the forests in the uk, but now relevant again as the proposed superfast railways will destroy much old growth forest (no it cannot be replaced)…

If you go down to the woods today
They probably won’t be there.

I thank you (does v small bow)…

As an aside, I noticed that the pictures of the long barrow didn’t appear on the post for day 7. It obviously doesn’t want to make a show, so I won’t try again.


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