napowrimo day 6

Today’s prompt springs from the form known as the aubade. These are about dawn and daybreak. Many aubades take the form of lovers’ morning farewells, but this is a slightly different take… i think morphing this into a song at some point might be interesting…

I hear you before I see your light
You’ve not been asleep this night
I know by your ragged morning breath
The songs that pour from your friends forth
That early doors forceful celebration
We cannot help but see as joyous contagion
But then you never sleep, doze at best
Thought some of us you hold in rest
While others hunt and eat and play
While you hold a darkness fast and grey
To cover tracks and mysteries deep
That light you let in slowly creeps
Apologetic at first but not for long
The sun hits my bedded eyes, wide and strong



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