napowrimo day 4


today – a loveless poem.. a poem about love that does not mention it or the cliches we have for and around it…

when I was a fairy tale…

I ran from my father’s house wearing only scraps of fur
I asked for a rose and you asked for me, I met wild, hairy and not human
I hid my self from you with dirt on my face, until I thought you were ready to see me
I wandered the land, my arms stumps where my hands had been, until I found your orchard, trees bending under the weight of golden apples
I rode on the back of the east and north winds until I reached you
I used the key, and nearly my neck, defeated certain death before you
You hid my skin and I had to stay… I shrunk and then shrunk away (skin in my hands)
You woke me and I put compresses and green herbs on the wounds the thorns had left on your body
I survived the hatred and jealousy of other women to look into your eyes
I asked you to look underneath the tattered clothes and goat fur, to see my gold
I gave you my wooden spoon, you threw me a golden ball


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