napowrimo day 1

well… being just recently 48, i have decided that the way to go is 50 things before i am 50… and in a fit of overeagerness have set my first challenge as napowrimo – otherwise known as poetry month, 30 poems in 30 days… prepare to be amazed (at the standards i will lower myself too mostly!) i will be blogging them all up here… so here is day 1’s offering.. a poem about what something is not…

i do not gather like the wild herds

i will never sit on your knee to sing sweetly to you

i am not the sound of water running

i do not line the floors of the smallest, quietest room

nor do i sit in a tree alone

my job is not to slow you down

but i will not be a birght light on a cloudy day

i am not as smooth as granite

nor a weight borne lightly

you cannot blow a tune through my bones



2 thoughts on “napowrimo day 1

  1. lornasmithers April 5, 2015 / 7:52 pm

    Do like the last line of this poem, congrats on taking this up and good luck with it 🙂

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