“and the leaves were telling secrets to the wind” (peter mulvey)

“and the leaves were telling secrets to the wind”
(peter mulvey)

i saw this quote recently, and it now obsesses me… in a good way… i raise a toast to this time of year… autumn fully arrived, blazing in her sumptuous colours…

Today we whisper that death is glorious.
Our dried stems and wrinkled, crisp sails
clatter through the branches.
Let go from certainty,
from the tree of life’s branch.
In the autumn of our years,
Comes our greatest beauty.
We will shine caught by autumnal suns.
Crimson, cadmium yellow, persian orange,
On fire till burnt as umber.
She bone rattles through us,
Gives us voice.
Rustling in the dark
Louder, more purposefully.
Politeness and fear,
Float down to decompose.
A sycamore leaf spins furiously fast as it falls.
I am initiate,
Mystery is mine.
And I will go,
Dancing fiercely with my lady of the air.